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1.7 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

When I ask people to point out the most expensive seat in a restaurant, many start looking around them trying to identify the best-located seat. I typically get answers like, “is it the one by that window?” Or, “it must be that one on the patio,” or, even “is it the chef’s table?”

Unfortunately, none of these answers are correct. The most expensive seat in a restaurant is the empty one!

Whether the dining room is half full or with a long line out the door, a large portion of a restaurant’s expenses are fixed and don’t go up as a restaurant serves more guests.

Most U.S. restaurants run with an average utilization rate below 50%. That says that only half the number of seats available during the lunch and dinner periods are full (or empty depending on your perspective). This issue causes a huge failure rate in the restaurant industry. 60% of restaurants fail within 3 years.

Every empty seat represents a lost revenue opportunity for a restaurant. Filling more seats generates more profits. By spreading the overhead costs over a larger number of paying customers, restaurants make more money.

Let’s face it, every restaurant struggles with some slow periods during the week. What if there was a way to attract guests to dine in, during these slow times? What if there was a way to specifically target these slow times and fill those vacancies…

TangoTab helps restaurants attract incremental guests, who are passionate about its mission to end hunger, and fills seats that otherwise might have gone empty!

TangoTab is a socially conscious marketplace that connects diners with restaurants’ empty seats. It creates the dual benefits of improving restaurant performance and solving hunger.

Every time a guest uses the app, TangoTab provides the cost of a meal to a local food charity, which feeds a person in need. Over 1.7 million people have been fed through TangoTab, its passionate guests and partner restaurants.

Thousands of restaurants around the US and Canada are using TangoTab to fill their empty seats. TangoTab provides these restaurants with a double bottom line opportunity, to enhance their revenue while also becoming heroes in their community and helping end hunger locally.

For additional information and a deeper perspective for your restaurant, please check out TangoTab For Business.

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