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50 Names In Grey?


Honestly, the title of this article is a stretch. Mainly because the ink they probably used was black, but it ties into what everyone is talking about these days. Anywho, this story is about Zlatan Ibrahimović. Never heard of him? Well, now you have and after you see what he did you may never forget him. Zlatan by profession is a world-famous soccer player and this “footballer” did something pretty amazing.


After scoring a goal at his match on Feb. 14, 2015, Zlatan removed his jersey to show the names of 50 people tattooed on his arms and chest. These 50 temporary tattoos represented the names of individuals who are suffering from hunger.

He did get a one-game suspension for removing his shirt, but Zlatan said that it is totally worth it. Hunger is a huge problem not only in countries around the world, but also right here at home in America. Over 50.5 million Americans go to bed hungry every night. Together, we can do something about this. This is why our mission at TangoTab is to bring hunger to an end. Be sure you download the app to begin making a difference, just by dining out.

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