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7 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Make this time of year not only about spending time with family and friends and celebrating the holidays, but also about giving back to your community. What is known to be a time of joy, parties, food, and gifts may not be the case for everyone. TangoTab has 7 ways for you to give back and make you the best gift-giver this season (and all year long).

Donate to a Local Food Bank

Many people rely on food banks for their next meal. Not only do they serve the homeless, they may also serve your neighbor, your child’s classmate, or your co-worker. Click here to find your nearest food bank.

Use the TangoTab App

Check in at a partner restaurant, and a meal will be donated to a local food bank. It is free and easy to use, and you may even get a deal in return! Plan ladies’ or guys’ night out, a team party, or date night at a partner restaurant and feed people in need. Click here to download the app.

Pay for Someone’s Meal

Whether you are in the drive-thru or at a restaurant, tell the employee or server that you’ll pay for someone’s tab. What may seem like a quick stop or a night without doing the dishes may be a rare treat to someone else.

Donate to Your Local Police or Fire Department

Many police and firemen don’t get to spend the holidays with their own family because they are protecting lives in their community. Give them holiday cookies, bottled water, or even a meal to thank them for all they do.

Visit a Senior Home

Many senior citizens love to have visitors stop by. Share stories, play games, watch their favorite TV show, or if the center allows it,  bring them a prepared meal or holiday treat!

Participate in TangoTab’s “Feed the City” Events

This event is held at a Dallas restaurant the second Saturday of each month. It is a great way to spend time with your family, friends, organization, sports team, and co-workers while making sandwiches for people in the DFW community. Click here to see the location and find out what materials to bring.

With these tips, you can give back easily and make your community a great place for everyone to live in year-round.

Happy holidays from the TangoTab team!

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