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A Harvest in the Big Apple

For the past 30 years there has been a harvest going on in New York City. City Harvest in NYC is the world’s first food rescue organization that helps feed men, women and children.

Here is just a brief statement from City Harvest about what they are doing just this year:

“This year, City Harvest will collect more than 33 million pounds of excess food from all segments of the food industry, including restaurants, grocers, corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and farms. This food is then delivered free of charge to some 600 community food programs throughout New York City by a fleet of trucks and bikes. City Harvest helps feed the more than one million New Yorkers that face hunger each year.” –CityHarvest.org

2012 is a very special year, because City Harvest is celebrating their 30th year of existence. Can you grasp how many people this organization has helped through the years. It is absolutely incredible. Keep supporting City Harvest in what they are doing.

This past week TangoTab CEO Andre Angel took a trip up to NYC to hand deliver a check to City Harvest so they can continue their quest  in the Fight Against Hunger. The check drop is possible because of people like you dining through TangoTab. Every time you dine through TangoTab.com, we are donating a meal to someone in need. Keep on dining so organizations like City Harvest can keep feeding.

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