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A Night To Remember in Dallas

Now let me be upfront. This post isn’t about a new dish or a restaurant, but it has to do with a city that many of out client restaurants are in. It is always exciting to see growth, whether it is your son growing into a man, your bank account growing or (what this article is about) the growth of a city.

This past weekend Dallas had a weekend long celebration called “Bridging the Trinity: For the Love of the City.” This was a celebration of the opening of the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that will connect West Dallas to Downtown. Now let me be upfront, every time I drove by this bridge as it was being built I looked at it and thought, “there is nothing special about it.” Well, let me tell you I WAS WRONG! On Friday night when I was driving up to this bridge I was astonished about how beautiful the architecture was.

Through the entire weekend they had everything from Lyle Lovett and his large band to a 10K run. There was music, street vendors, some of the biggest names in Dallas showed up, a bridge blessing on Sunday morning and of couse there was a ton of food and drinks.

Friday night was the night that kicked everything off. As the Hill family, former Mayor Ron Kirk, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and many others took to the stage to speak it was inspiring to see the progression of a city. It also made me start to think about how there is still so much work left to be done and that includes the hunger problem that this city and many others are facing today.

Every single person that spoke that evening mentioned how the Trinity River Project and this bridge did not happen because of one person, “it took everyone.” The hunger problem that we are seeing today is not going to be solved by one person, but the help of everyone. One way that you can help this hunger issue is through TangoTab. TangoTab is a dining resource that has free offers to restaurants all over. When you claim your free offer on TangoTab, TangoTab donates a meal to someone in need through a local food pantry or charity. If you feed one person every time you eat just imagine how many people your entire network can feed.

Once again congratulations to the city of Dallas and this exciting time for their residents.

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