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Local Hero: Asian Mint

Asian Mint is more than a great place to experience flavors from all over Asia. They are a place that is dedicated to making their community, and the world, a better place. They are what we call a “TangoTab Local Hero”. Every time you check in with the app, a meal will be donated to a local food bank.

About Asian Mint

Since 2005, Asian Mint has been dedicated to providing Dallas with fresh, flavorful, Asian cuisine. They have been rated “Excellent” by Zagat for 10 years in a row and have been named one of the “100 Best Restaurants in Dallas”. See for yourself! From the moment you walk in, you can see their attention to detail; the atmosphere is modern yet comfortable, the bar is fully stocked with premium offerings, and their dishes are a work of art.  Try their fresh-rolled sushi, pad thai, or grilled salmon curry, and finish it off with their green tea ice cream cake. You will understand what all of the buzz is about!

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Mission to be “Green”

From the beginning, they have run their restaurant in an efficient, eco-friendly way. Many restaurants use to-go materials made of paper, Styrofoam, or plastic that are wasteful and harmful to the environment. All of Asian Mint’s to-go containers are biodegradable; even their cups are made from corn! In their restaurant, they use energy-efficient light bulbs, menus made from recycled paper, automatic faucets, and recycled vegetable oil.1 These changes, which may seem small, are great for our environment.

Mission to End Hunger

Asian Mint wants to continue doing good things for their community, so they have joined the fight against hunger with TangoTab. According to Feeding America, almost 20% of residents in Dallas county are food insecure.  The USDA defines this as a household that has “limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” This partnership gives patrons of Asian Mint a way to make their meal even better, and users of TangoTab another way to make their meal matter. Simply check in on the app when you get to the restaurant, and we will feed someone in need. It is a free and easy way to end hunger and discover restaurants who want to make a difference.

Dine at Asian Mint today with TangoTab, and make your meal matter!



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