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Back 2 School. Back 2 Food.

It’s been great going through our home feeds with pictures of all the kiddos returning to school, but what many people don’t know is that “Back 2 School” means at least 1 guaranteed meal throughout the day for millions of kids. Many students are on free or reduced meal plans which guarantees some of our kids here in America at least one meal a day. The thing is what happens when they go home?

There are over 17 million children in America that will go to bed hungry tonight. Are you taking action in doing something about this? When students go to school on an empty stomach they begin to focus on their stomachs and not on their studies. This is when grades begin to drop.

Hunger in America is affecting our youth. As a reader of this you probably already know about TangoTab’s fight against hunger in America, but do your friends? Share this with them today. Hunger with our nation’s youth is not something to joke about nor is it something to hide. People need to know what is going on and people need to take action in the fight. With TangoTab we can end hunger in America.

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