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This Cowboy is Blocking Out Hunger

TangoTab’s Feed the City has become an incredibly diverse and inclusive community gathering event for people of all races and religious beliefs, young and old. We gather to help our fellow humans by making meals for those, who are going through tougher times, in our community.

On Saturday, we were joined by this amazing athlete, Dallas Cowboys Center Travis Frederick and his family, who donated their time and enough food to help over 7,000 people in need. Baby Frederick also came out to help dad make over 14,600 meals.

Of course Feed the City is a community event that helps spread awareness of the hunger problem in the U.S. The inconvenient truth is that we have 23% of our children going to bed hungry and living in food insecure homes. That simply means that they have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

This is where TangoTab, a software venture, jumps in. TangoTab is a free app that feeds a hungry child every time you use the app to dine out. All you have to do is to check in on the app while at a participating restaurant. In many cases, you are also rewarded with great restaurant offers (did I mention it’s free?).

So, download the TangoTab app, sign up and join Team Travis (By adding that in the promo code field) and let’s Feed 7,200 children this week. Use the app every time you dine out and we will feed a child in need. And it does not cost you a penny… #WhenYouEatTheyEat.

We can feed so many more children when you share TangoTab with your friends and family. Let’s end hunger together.

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