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Battling Breast Cancer and Now Hunger

October is nationally known as, ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month.’ According to there will be over 246,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed this year alone. Breast Cancer takes a toll on many parts of an individuals life, but there is one that you may have never thought of.

In 2013, Michelle Murphy was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her surgery, she couldn’t go back to work and wasn’t able to pay her bills. Her family was homeless for a time, until she found the EZRA Multi-Service Center, a Greater Chicago Food Depository partner agency in Uptown.

“The pantry has helped out tremendously,” she said.

In addition to providing food, the agency connected Michelle with affordable housing. Now, she’s ready to go back to work and is excited for the future.

“I want to be the woman I was before my breast cancer,” she said. “I want to help out like they’ve helped me here.”

Hunger is not the root cause of a problem. It is usually a symptom from another event that has happened in an individuals life that they cannot control. This is why our goal is to keep food charities’ shelves filled. We do this by donating money to your local food organizations. Where does the money come from? It does not come from you, it comes from TangoTab. Every time you use TangoTab at one of our partner restaurants, TangoTab donates the monetary value of a meal to your local food charity. The restaurants pay TangoTab and TangoTab in returns sends the money to the organization.

We do this so people like Michelle has a place to go when they are affected by something that they cannot control.


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