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Dancing in the Streets

No you weren’t hallucinating, a couple did randomly appear tango dancing in the middle of your neighborhood.

This is the work of TangoTab a new digital marketing platform that is changing the way restaurants reach target audiences while allowing them to maintain control over their message, offers, and traffic flow.

TangoTab kicked off their launch with a huge party in Dallas, their home base.  The party took place at Sfuzzi in Uptown on April 25th with a lot of downloading of the TangoTab iPhone  app.  In order to continue to build awareness, tango dancers are popping up in numerous locations in the New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles areas.  They’re asking onlookers to complete the following sentence, “It takes _____ to tango”.  In order to engage other cities they are holding a video contest asking participants to send in a video of them completing the same sentence.

“We chose the name TangoTab based on the idea that it takes two to tango,” said Andre Angel, TangoTab founder and CEO.  “With TangoTab the restaurants create offers that make sense to them and are appealing to guests.  Guests receive great offers and reward restaurants by promoting restaurants to their social networks.   It’s a metaphorical tango dance.” added Angel.

TangoTab launched their site and app on April 25th and are quickly building momentum in the 12 major launch cities.  They will continue to add cities until they are available throughout the US and Canada.  Keep your eyes open and phone handy as there will soon be tangoing in your town!

In case you missed the Tango dancers in your neighborhood, you can see the videos submitted by the audience on TangoTab’s Facebook page.


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