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Don’t Let Your Friends Show You Up

Could you imagine that if every time you ate out there would be a way to know how many people in need you have fed? Well, imagine no more because that is already possible. For all of our Facebook fans head over to the TangoTab App on Facebook and we will keep track of the people you have fed, the people your friends have fed and how many people in need you all could feed.

The best part about it is that you could make this a friendly competition between you and your friends to see who the biggest philanthropist is. Make some friendly wagers, for example whoever gets to 100 first has to buy the other lunch, or drinks on whoever has fed the least by a certain date.

No matter what competition you come up with just remember…don’t let your friends show you up.

Quick Tip: Redeem an offer today and you can get a head start

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P.S. This will be available soon on the TangoTab mobile app and website.

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