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Ending Childhood Hunger in the United States

I think the United States is the most amazing country in the world. But, like most countries, it could be even better if everyone did their bit to solve childhood hunger.

Wait, Wait… Don’t Run Away!

Most people tend to shy away from dealing with such a magnanimous task. Give me two minutes of your time…

If you had a chance to end childhood hunger, without a penny out of your pocket, would you?

When 17M U.S. children (1 in 4) go to bed hungry almost every night, I would assume that most of us would answer with a resounding YES!

A few years ago, I identified a simple opportunity to solve this problem –and it’s easy. The idea leverages something we all do many times per week and would only require a very slight change in behavior. Here’s how…

Every week, Americans dine out more than a billion meals, in restaurants. It’s something the average American does multiple times a week. What if every time you dined at a restaurant, a meal was also donated to a hungry child, without any additional cost to you?

Based on that concept, I built TangoTab – an app that lists partner restaurants all around you. So, every time you use TangoTab at a partner restaurant, we collect a small fee from the restaurant and buy a hungry child a meal through a local food charity. So that, When You Eat, They Eat.

A Meal

The math is simple! Our 17 million hungry children can easily be fed by linking the over one billion meals dined out every week.

So far, over 100,000 restaurants around the country have joined the app. I have personally made it my goal to use TangoTab every time I dine out. Will you join me?

You can make a difference in a local child’s life just by checking in. Head over to app store, download TangoTab and share it with your friends. You can even have fun doing it by creating teams and joint goals on how many children you can feed together.

Be the change that you want to see in this world.

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