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Eye-Catching Desserts

Warning: This list of eye-catching desserts might bring out your sweet tooth!

We have desserts from restaurants around the U.S. on this list, and if you go try any of these desserts, be sure to check-in on the TangoTab app because when you do, we donate the cost equivalent of a meal to a local organization who distributes meals to people in need (you do not pay anything extra). 

Together, we can end hunger and food insecurity in our communities while having fun doing things like eating amazing desserts!

Download and use the TangoTab app at no extra cost.


Bottega Americano (San Diego, CA)

Pictured: Homemade cannolis.

@bottegaamericano / Instagram / via instagram.com

Italic (Austin, TX)

Pictured: Butter pecan gelato– vanilla and brown sugar gelato swirled with toasted pecans first tossed in salted butter.

@italicatx / Instagram / via instagram.com

Lilac (Billings, MT)

Pictured: Rhubarb buckle, mint gel, compressed strawberries and creme fraiche ice cream with edible flowers.

@j.roney20 / Instagram / via instagram.com

Charivari (Houston, TX)

Pictured: Chocolate souffle.

@jhnnschstr / Instagram / via instagram.com

Wild Salsa (Dallas, TX) 

Pictured: Cinnamon ice cream on churros.

@severus_snapshot / Instagram / via instagram.com

GRACE (Fort Worth, TX) 

Pictured: Tahitian vanilla bean pavlova.

@gracefortworth / Instagram / via instagram.com

Delfina (San Francisco, CA)

Pictured: “Cucidati” fig cake with bruleed figs and a honey yogurt sorbetto.

@delfinarestaurant / Instagram / via instagram.com

MKT BAR (Houston, TX)

Pictured: Turkish coffee creme-brulee and bittersweet chocolate mousse.

@vinnien / Instagram / via instagram.com

La Bonne Table (San Diego, CA)

Pictured: Apple tart.

@labonnetablesd / Instagram / via instagram.com

Nopa (San Francisco, CA)

Pictured: Brown butter almond pound cake with calvados caramel and honey crisp apple compote.

@nopa_sf / Instagram / via Instagram.com

Herban Fix (Atlanta, GA)

Pictured: Vegan chocolate raspberry mousse cake.

@northsouthvegan / Instagram / via instagram.com

Stella San Jac (Austin, TX)

Pictured: S’mores.

@stellasanjac / Instagram / via instagram.com

Kitchen 324 (Oklahoma City, OK)

Pictured: Mixed berry tart with vanilla pasty cream.

@kitchen324 / Instagram / via instagram.com

Kettner Exchange (San Diego, CA)

Pictured: Mango lassi popsicle, coconut, and passion fruit.

@kettnerexchange / Instagram / via instagram.com

1886 Cafe & Bakery (Austin, TX)

Pictured: Lemon-lime cream spheres with roasted meringue on top of a coconut  macaroon cake.

@chance_parmental / Instagram / via instagram.com

Stampede 66 (Dallas, TX)

Pictured: Butterscotch pudding.

@pruningtherose / Instagram / via instagram.com

Americano (Dallas, TX)

Pictured: Tiramisu & sprinkle cookies.

@americano_dallas / Instagram / via instagram.com

AG Restaurant (Atlanta, GA)

Pictured: Cheesecake and a baked Alaska.

@ag_restaurant / Instagram / via instagram.com

Mary Eddy’s (Oklahoma City, OK)

Pictured: Autumn inspired “choco-taco” with pumpkin semifreddo, dulce de leche, candied pepitas, and house waffle taco.

@maryeddysokc / Instagram / via instagram.com

We hope you enjoyed looking at these decadent desserts!

Don’t forget to check-in using TangoTab when you try any of these desserts! We will donate a meal to someone in need on your behalf each and every time you use the app at a partner restaurant.

Download and use TangoTab for free today. 

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