Family In Need: Heart Condition Leaves This Young Mom Unable To Work

Heart Condition and The Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Every person has a story and so does every family in need. Their stories are typically of the circumstances surrounding their struggle to make ends meet.

For instance, Andrea of Michigan has a congenital heart disease that forces her to wear a pacemaker. Moreover, her heart seizes at the end of everyday activities, which makes “everyday things an everyday struggle”.

As a result of her heart condition, Andrea’s doctor told her to stop working.

However, with a seven-year-old son and a husband, working at a church and earning close to minimum wage, Andrea’s vulnerable position and her inability to work adds challenges to maintaining food security.

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Andrea says, “Not knowing that we are going to be okay tomorrow is really hard.” Through local food pantries, Andrea finds gratitude, and stress-relief.

For a family like Andrea’s, knowing that support is available brings hope to an otherwise difficult situation.┬áIn addition, having access to help gives kids like Andrea’s son, who is growing up in such conditions, a chance at a brighter future.

Parents can relate to Andrea when she says, “When you have a child, you really want things to be normal. The food pantry has been a tremendous help.”

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Help A Family In Need Locally By Hitting A Button

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In conclusion, Andrea says, “The impact that you make means the world to my family.”

We aim to make it really simple for you. We give you the tools to help better your community, so that we can all make change happen together.

Join TangoTab’s movement to combat hunger today.

Watch Andrea’s full interview from Feeding America’s Real Stories of Hunger series:

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