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Feed Someone In Need & Make It Count

17 million American children will go to bed hungry tonight. Approximately 50 million people of the United States population are hungry. Is that startling? We typically envision hunger as a problem occurring outside our borders. Usually, when we think of hunger, images of the poorest nations in, Africa, Asia or Latin America come to mind. When in reality, hunger is one of the most significant battles happening in our own backyard.

We ask, “How could this be true?” We are the richest and most powerful nation in the world. How could our children suffer from hunger? Why this problem isn’t openly discussed? Why do we hide it? Why does our government allow this travesty to take place? Oh, let’s not answer that last one…

Hunger does not see demographics. It is an equal opportunity menace, impacting one in six Americans. Today, it’s likely we saw someone who was hungry. It may even impact people we know, people who look like us, work with us and pray with us; however, we might never know because they hide it, the shame is too great. The tough economy of 2008 and slow recovery has caused many to lose their jobs, homes and ability to feed their families.


How do we solve this enormous issue? There doesn’t seem to be any capitalized industry solving hunger. There are no magic pills or prescriptions. And there are definitely no scientists researching a cure.

What if there is a fun way to solve hunger?

How many times did you eat out in the last week? If you are like most of us, you probably consumed almost half of your meals at restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Association, the average American eats out over 5 times per week. That’s more than one billion meals per week.

What if, every time you ate out, a person in need was also fed, and it cost you nothing? That is where TangoTab comes in. Every time you dine out using TangoTab’s free service, TangoTab donates a meal to the hungry, locally in your city.

It’s that simple. At TangoTab, you dine at your favorite restaurants and sometimes, even get free offers, and a meal is provided to the hungry. You don’t have to change your habits and you don’t have to spend any additional money.


How You Can Feed Someone in Need

TangoTab has partnered with thousands of restaurants to solve hunger in America. Membership is free, no pre-purchase is required and many offers change throughout the day. For every offer claimed, TangoTab feeds someone in need by donating a meal to a local food bank. TangoTab is already serving 10 cities in the US and is coming to a city near you soon.
While hunger may not be easily correctable or eradicated, together we can make a difference. Sign up today and join the movement to end hunger at TangoTab.com or download the app. Remember, “When you eat, they eat.”

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