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FEED THE CITY Continues to Grow

Over 300 smiling faces showed up bright and early this past Saturday to participate in our monthly Feed The City event. In less than two hours over 9,620 sandwiches were made and 6,000 bags of chips and cookies packed. This is a small taste of what can be accomplished when a community is united through the spirit of charity. SEE PHOTOS

One sandwich means more than just a meal. It means reduced stress, time saved, and basic nutrition for those who would otherwise experience micronutrient deficiency and a weakened immune system. These unspoken byproducts are especially harmful to children.  Since January, Feed The City events alone have provided over 50,000 sandwiches to the DFW area, but TangoTab’s mission doesn’t stop there. To date over 1 million people have been fed as a result of people using the TangoTab app when dining out. TangoTab is free and easy to use. When you download the app and redeem a deal or a ‘good deed’ at a partnered restaurant, TangoTab will provide at least one meal to a local food charity. So get out there and do your good deed today! Individually you can fight hunger, and together we can end it. DOWNLOAD TANGOTAB

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.31.29 PMKnow someone that makes a mean sandwich? We need all the mustard-covered hands we can get, so spread the word! P.S. If you liked this post, you can signup for more content like this HERE and like us on Facebook HERE.

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