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Meet Mom, Local Hero and Feed The City Host Joanna DeRose.

Photo on the left by Mesquite News via

Over the weekend, we were delighted to see one of our Feed The City volunteer hosts featured in the Mesquite News talking about giving back with TangoTab!

Joanna Montoya DeRose (pictured above) of Mesquite attended her first Feed The City event about a year ago. “I had never heard about [Feed The City] before and I was just completely blown away,” DeRose says. Since then, she has hosted four events.

Volunteers at one of TangoTab’s Feed The City events celebrating the making of 5,748 meals together. The event was hosted by Chase Oaks Church.

TangoTab created the Feed The City events to bring locals together to make and package meals for organizations that distribute food to those in need, locally. These events show us in-person what the app shows us virtually: when people work together to fight hunger, enormous progress is made.

In her Mesquite News Feature, DeRose sums up Feed The City events well: “It’s like a sandwich-making party at a restaurant and then [TangoTab] donates those sandwiches to people in need.”

Volunteers busy making sandwiches at an event hosted at The Social House (Fort Worth).

The issue of hunger hits home for DeRose. Growing up, her mom struggled with multiple sclerosis and her family used food stamps to help make ends meet.

Now, an adult with kids of her own, DeRose feels a desire to give back to people dealing with food insecurity. And, for her, “Giving back, it just makes me feel really fulfilled; it’s a natural high to me.”

We totally agree, which is why TangoTab also empowers individuals to give back and fight hunger through the TangoTab app.


Whenever someone checks-in on the app, TangoTab donates the cost equivalent of a meal to partner organizations who then provide food to those in need.

Just like the meals made together at Feed The City events go to people facing hunger, the meals generated by our community using the app go to people in need, too. So far, over 2,100,000 meals have been donated through the app.

Help us bring this meal count to 3,000,000 (and beyond)!

For parents like DeRose, the TangoTab app and Feed The City events create an opportunity to teach kids about community, giving back, and gratitude.

TangoTab app user Derrick Culpepper of Active Dads Rule agrees. He recently captioned an Instagram photo about TangoTab with the following: “We understand the importance of giving back and teaching our children how to give.”

Derrick Culpepper’s family enjoying a meal together at TangoTab partner restaurant Red Robin. Photo by Derrick Culpepper via

DeRose uses Feed The City events to illustrate important values to her kids. She says, “I think it’s very important for my kids to have a servant’s heart. I take them to these events with me, I want to show that to them when they’re complaining and saying, ‘There’s nothing to eat around the house,’ which there is, but nothing for them that they might like. I say, ‘You know what; there are kids out there that have absolutely nothing.'”

Kids of all ages are invited to attend Feed The City events, and anybody with a smartphone can download and use the TangoTab app for free. Photo from a past Dallas event hosted by Gordon Biersch. 

Since becoming an active part of the TangoTab community, DeRose reports that getting involved with TangoTab’s Feed The City events has helped her with self-development, meeting new people, and gaining confidence to try new things.

DeRose comments, “One of the things that I try to tell people, is don’t be scared just do it. You never know what may come out of it and that’s what happened to me with the whole TangoTab thing.”

Another aspect of the Feed The City events that DeRose likes is the sense of community.

When asked what community means to her, she answers, “I love seeing people of different ages, races, and political backgrounds coming together in one room and being united.”

Hunger is definitely something we can all unite against; every county in America has residents that face hunger or food insecurity. Download the TangoTab app to help change this.

In the time between Feed The City Events, our community helps fight hunger every single day through the app. The app is free to download and use. To date, over 2,100,000 meals have been donated this way. Help us take this number to 3,000,000 meals!

Thank you to all of our community members. We are inspired by the incredible spirit of giving that you each display every time you come to a Feed The City event or check-in on the app. Together, we can end hunger!

To see our Feed The City event schedule and learn about other TangoTab community updates, like and follow us on Facebook.

If you can’t make any of the events, don’t worry!

Through the TangoTab app, fighting hunger can be an active part of your regular routine. Every check-in on the app matters because every meal donated to someone who needs it matters. The app is a very important tool in the fight to end hunger.


You can read Joanna DeRose’s full Mesquite News Feature here.

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