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Feeding the City

TangoTab is the one app with the mission to help end hunger.  Every time you use this free app at one of the more than 100,000 participating restaurants, (and still adding more every day), TangoTab donates the cost of a meal to feed a person in need, locally in your community.  Simply put, “When you eat, they eat”…  So far, the company has fed 1.8 million people in need.

Feed the City events are TangoTab’s community engagement projects where volunteers gather in different cities around the country to make meals for people in need. These have grown through grassroots efforts and are rapidly spreading around the country.  Over the weekend, more than 250 volunteers, ranging from all ages and backgrounds, gathered at Feed the City Dallas to make more than 7,500 meals for people in need.

Although not directly related to the company’s business model, which feeds people in need through the usage of the free app, Feed the City has become one of my favorite events.

The joy on these children’s faces as they were preparing sandwiches and meals for other kids who are less fortunate in last weekend’s event, is so memorable that it encourages me to continue building happy memories, fantastic experiences and create community for those involved both young and old.

To find out more, Like the TangoTab Facebook page to stay connected and get invitations to events near you.  Remember there is no cost to you to feed someone like you!

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