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Feed The City Is Celebrating Its Third Anniversary

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of TangoTab’s Feed The City events.  When we launched this program, we couldn’t have imagined the impact it would generate.

While not directly related to the company’s business model, which feeds people in need through the usage of the free appFeed the City has become a TangoTab cornerstones. Volunteers of all ages, races and religious beliefs work together to make meals for people less fortunate, in their communities.

Dallas Cowboys Center, Travis Frederick, joined TangoTab volunteers in making over 14,000 meals for people in need, in Dallas.

Thanks to all the incredible volunteers and community leaders that have joined us, we were able to scale this event to over 20 cities across the country. Moreover, we even broke a Guinness World Record for The Largest Number of People Making Sandwiches Simultaneously, twice (long story)!

More than 3,500 Volunteers joined TangoTab’s Guinness World Record Event in 2016. 

The support of our community of volunteers has been limitless. They have rallied during tough times to help victims of hurricanes, floods and tornados. In addition, many have also worked weekly to help the homeless and hungry communities around the country.

As a result, we made more than 900,000 meals by more than 50,000 volunteers who have given more than 150,000 volunteer hours.

Feed The City: More Than Just Meals

While making an impact was our initial focus, these events have become a source of joy, fun and family bonding.  Many close relationships and friendships have developed over making some sandwiches. “We’ve seen couples that have met at these events and ended up getting married,” says Nick Marino, TangoTab’s Director of Social Change.

Moreover, parents have also used these events to teach their children about the power of giving back. “We aren’t just making meals for people in need, we are giving them hope,” says Marino.

We are grateful to everyone who has taken a part in this journey. Hunger is a huge issue in the US and we’re just getting started… Hope to see you this weekend in Dallas or at one of our upcoming events.

Volunteers celebrating the achievement of the day

If you, your company, organization or friends want to launch your own Feed The City event, please contact us at friends@tangotab.com.

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