Food Insecurity's Impact: The Importance of Ending Childhood Hunger

Breaking Food Insecurity’s Generational Impact: The Importance of Tackling Childhood Hunger

When thinking about food insecurity’s impact, have you ever considered the cycle at play influencing the adult lives of kids facing childhood hunger?

food insecurity's impact
Feeding America reports that Benliyah (pictured) lives in a county where 37% of children face hunger. At only 7-years-old, having access to proper nutrition is critical for Benliyah’s ability to thrive. Photo by Feeding America / @feedingamerica / via

Food Insecurity’s Impact: A Generational Cycle

TangoTab community member Merritt Davis received her Masters in public health. Davis focused her studies on community and behavioral health sciences, with an emphasis on maternal and childhood health.

She outlined for us ways that childhood malnutrition creates an unfavorable cycle. Also, she explained how this cycle gets passed on from generation to generation.

Davis reports, “Lack of adequate nutrition during pregnancy and chronic food insecurity during childhood impacts a person’s development. Lack of proper nutrition overtime can lead to decreased academic achievement. Down the road, this can impact a person’s job opportunities and ability to find independence.”

In fact, children facing hunger are twice as likely to repeat a grade in elementary school. (Source)

Furthermore, Davis asserts, “Malnutrition during childhood also impacts a person’s ability to thrive socially and personally. This makes it hard for them to create a healthy and stable adult life down the road. What this means is that the effects of food insecurity are having a direct impact on the health of our families and the economic progression of our communities. And, in time, this becomes a cycle.

Ending Childhood Hunger

Childhood malnutrition needs attention for the betterment of our communities.

Therefore, TangoTab supports efforts that increase an area’s access to nutritious food, for children and adults alike.

Help us help your local community.

food insecurity's impact
Kids hold up fresh produce provided to them by their local food pantry. Community efforts geared towards increasing the amount of nutritious foods available to those with unmet needs are crucial towards breaking the cycle of health issues spurred by food insecurity. Photo by Feeding America / @feedingamerica / via

A Better Future For All

Davis sees the issue of childhood hunger as one that is crucial to address for the future wellbeing of our communities. Furthermore, she points out that hunger is a feeling we can all relate to in our own ways:

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a meal that properly fuels them for the day versus one that doesn’t.”

When it comes to the vast impact of childhood hunger, the good news is that people around the country, like Davis, are working with TangoTab to implement solutions.

Moreover, these solutions are designed to result in lasting, positive change for area residents.

Davis concludes, “What’s unique about TangoTab is that the model allows you to positively impact local issues surrounding your immediate area.” 

Every U.S. county is home to families battling food insecurity’s impact. And millions of kids across America are unable to eat three nutritious meals per day.

So, food insecurity’s impact may hit much closer to your home than you realize. Let’s solve this together.

Join TangoTab’s mission to break the cycle! Help us craft a better world– for our neighbors today, and for our communities moving forward.

Download and use TangoTab today.

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