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Free Produce Gardens Are Popping Up In Public Spaces

Little signs let people know which plants are ready to eat and which are still growing! Photo via

We love seeing ideas that foster community and provide healthy, sustainable food options for neighborhoods!

As TangoTab continues to grow, we are committed to supporting projects that provide sustainable, nutritious solutions to hunger and food insecurity.

Download the TangoTab app and join us in our mission to end hunger and power sustainable solutions that increase fresh produce access for those who need it!

In San Diego, volunteers have been working together for the last two months to plant seven community gardens throughout town.

Led by an organization called Eat San Diego, volunteers are growing everything from small tomatoes to passion fruit to Middle Eastern mint– and they are growing this produce in public spaces. There are even gardens growing on sidewalks and next to bus stops!

To make fresh produce easily accessible to passerby, volunteers plant and tend to gardens in public spaces. This produce is growing next to a sidewalk! Photo via

Any person passing the gardens is invited to pluck the produce for free whenever they want or need to.

Devon Lantry helps manage the community gardens and says, “I’ll see people grab a sandwich nearby, and then come down here and pick some leafy greens and tomatoes to put on their sandwich.”

Lantry also reports that these gardens have spruced up public spaces and brought neighbors closer together.

Amazing work to all of the people making the gardens in San Diego possible– you guys are an inspiration!

At TangoTab, we believe in the power of communities coming together to provide fresh produce to people in need. Fight hunger with us and help support sustainable solutions like the free produce gardens in San Diego!

If you already have the app, give back with the people you love by telling them about it.

Read more about San Diego’s free produce project¬†here.

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