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Give This Homeless Mom a Home for Christmas

Francesca Murray, a homeless mother to a four year old daughter, did not let her situation stand in the way of giving back to someone in need. Brice Royer was diagnosed with cancer and posted an ad on Craigslist selling “Unconditional Love”. Inspired by his ad, Francesca reached out to help him despite the difficult circumstances she was living in. She responded to his ad and offered to make meals for him. She went to his house in Vancouver doing what she loves, expecting nothing in return. After learning about her living conditions and how she still managed to give back to him and the shelter she is living in, Brice knew he had to do something to this generous woman.

Spoiler Alert: How Brice Gave Back to a Homeless Mother

Brice partnered with a local farm to give her produce to make meals with and continue her love of cooking. In addition, a fundraiser page was created and over $2,000 was raised for two month’s worth of organic food delivery to be delivered to the shelter. TangoTab also donated 250 meals for her and the residents at the shelter to enjoy.

Homeless Again, but There Is Hope

In February 2016, her time at the shelter will come to an end, and she and her daughter will be homeless once again. Brice and his team have started a movement called Tiny Homes, Big Hearts to raise money for a house so Francesca will not have to go down that path again. They need all the help they can get, and you can be a part of this movement. From now until December 25, you have the chance to give the greatest gift this year; a home for a mother and daughter. Please share this post to spread the word and raise money for this family. Donate any amount you can; every bit will count.

We are all in this together. Happy holidays!

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