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Happy Holidays

I am counting down to Christmas Eve and am excited about the gathering of my BIG family around the dinner table. The holidays are best for enjoying a meal surrounded by all the smiling faces of the people you love.

While it’s warm inside and the fireplaces are on, everyone around me is cheerfully busy finalizing the menu items and the lists of ingredients that we still need to buy to make these incredible holiday feasts.

I took a look outside my window to see all the gorgeous snow around me. At first, I was happy to see the snow but my thoughts drifted immediately to all the people who are less fortunate, those who may even have a hard time getting a meal this Christmas.

It’s shocking to know that 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. Many of the hungry are also homeless. Although there is a huge disagreement on the number of the homeless in the U.S., we know that the state of California alone spends over $8 Billion per year on the homeless population. Imagine what the U.S. government spends as a whole… What’s more amazing is that if we were to take a small portion of that government spending and invest it in startups that could devise creative solutions, we could solve hunger, homelessness and all these social issues.

I believe in entrepreneurship and utilizing for-profit, self-sustaining businesses as the solution for these big humanitarian problems… One of these solutions is TangoTab, a company that I have founded and funded to solve hunger. The premise is very simple… When You Eat, They Eat

As Americans, we eat over a billion meals in restaurants every week. And, every time you dine at a participating restaurant, TangoTab donates the cost of a meal to a local food charity, so that they could feed a person in need –without any additional cost to you (the consumer). Effectively, it’s like inviting someone less fortunate to the table every time you dine with TangoTab throughout the entire year.

In this season of giving, share TangoTab with your friends and family to bring more joy to the table. We are truly grateful for you.

From my family to yours… Happy Holidays!

– Andre Angel

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