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NYC Restaurant Focuses On Superfoods And Sustainability

Chalk Point Kitchen, a TangoTab partner restaurant in New York City’s SoHo, has a menu featuring superfood packed dishes. This restaurant is perfect for people looking for healthy food in NYC and people who love the beauty of a dish prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

Even better: check-in at Chalk Point Kitchen using the TangoTab app (it’s free to download and use), and TangoTab will feed someone in need on your behalf!

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On the menu, you’ll find ingredients like pomegranates, organic local arugula, and chia seeds– a dream come true for those looking for a healthy, delicious culinary experience. The menu also features brief descriptions of each dish’s health benefits to educate diners on the different ways that nutritious food can fuel the body.

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Chalk Point Kitchen strives to deliver a quality modern dining experience, and they achieving this by sourcing ingredients locally when possible and serving fresh meals in a welcoming environment.

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Enjoy doing something good for your body by trying Chalk Point Kitchen, and do good for somebody else while you’re there by checking-in using your TangoTab app!

See more highlights of the Chalk Point Kitchen dining experience here.

And speaking of locally sourced, fresh ingredients, have you heard about the free produce gardens popping up in public spaces yet?

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