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His Dedication As A Father Brings Tears To My Eyes

“He is a single father of two small amazing boys. Both of his children have disabilities and special needs. He has overcome so many obstacles and I truly admire him as a father. He fought thru the court system to obtain custody of both of his children due to the mother was emotionally and physically abusive to both of the boys.

He wakes up EVERY morning after working his graveyard shift and feeds his kids breakfast and takes them to school, he is very involved in their education and has lunch with his boys EVERY FRIDAY – he has never missed a lunch date with his boys. He has dedicated his life to making sure that his boys never feel unloved or unwanted by him. His dedication as a father brings tears to my eyes as I wish there were many more fathers out there like him.

Struggling financially is only half of the story. With a part time job so he can be there for his kids it has it has definitely been a struggle for him with only family to help out with transportation and babysitting at nights. He never shows how much he is struggling emotionally.”

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