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Honesty is the Best Policy

We want to thank everyone who entered our Facebook giveaway. Unfortunately we can’t announce a winner as planned. On the road to 3,000 likes, it looks like an overzealous fan decided to help us along the way and generate fake “likes” just so we could reach our goal.  While we know everyone was excited about the giveaway, our aim is to build a community of those who are passionate about the cause and love to dine out, not a drove of men named Gertrude that live in Spokane, WA – nice try by the way.

But don’t fret, for all of our honest TangoTab enthusiasts, the contest continues.  We’ve decided to roll each real entry into our January promotion which we will launch within the next two weeks. As long as Gertrude doesn’t strike again, we’ll announce a living, verified human that has a beating heart, at the end of the month.

All the best,

The TangoTab Team

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