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It’s Not Mission Impossible

This morning, Facebook surprised me with their “On This Day” feature from exactly 3 years ago. The post sent me reflecting on all the achievements that we have accomplished together –since we couldn’t TangoTab 2.0do any of this without you, our friends, supporters and people who care.

In 2012, we set off on a big (some said impossible) mission to end hunger through a clever business idea. We created TangoTab!

Just like Uber connects people who need a ride with individuals with cars, or Airbnb connects those with empty rooms with folks who need a place to sleep, TangoTab connects restaurants that have empty seats with individuals who want to eat.

Every time someone uses TangoTab at a partner restaurant, we feed a person in need in his or her local community. Restaurants pay TangoTab a small fee to be part of the mission and for filling a seat. In return, we drive more traffic through their doors while their guests are given the opportunity to make an impact at no additional cost. It’s like out motto says: “When You Eat, They Eat.”

What was encouraging is that on this day in 2013, we had collectively fed 193,353 people in need, here in the Dallas area. And, in 3 short years, thanks to you, we are at over 1.6 million people fed.

Right...And now that we have begun to expand our reach beyond the Dallas area, it’s time to extend the network and to pull in more restaurants, more cities, and more people who know a thing or two about making something big—something good—happen.

I am hoping that is you!

My wish is that you would share this post and let’s get more of our friends to join the mission to end hunger. All they have to do is to DOWNLOAD THE APP and use it every time they eat, so that together we can put an end to hunger across the country.

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