Interesting Idea: Judge Starts a Garden to Help Juvenile Offenders

Judge Starts A Garden To Help Juvenile Offenders

Judge Elise Deano, a youth court judge in Mississippi, established a garden for juvenile offenders to spend time working. While she provides mentoring for the kids, they are also increasing their community’s access to fresh produce.

interesting idea juvenile offenders
A cheerful flowerbed in a garden transforming the lives of juvenile offenders. Photo by Patrick Ochs / SunHerald / via

Deano ‘s story resonates with us!

Like Andre Angel, founder of TangoTab, Deano saw an issue in her community. She sought to create a sustainable solution for the problem. And so, she did.

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How Judge Deano Changes The Lives of Juvenile Offenders

Deano created a win-win-win model (our favorite kind at TangoTab). The garden presents an opportunity to have a dedicated space to teach juvenile offenders a different way of life. She says, “the hardest thing for me in the drug court is to tell them to stop doing drugs and then they go home to their parents and they’re doing drugs.”

Moreover, Deano spends time helping these kids explore, develop and use what talents they have. These may be in art, marketing, sales or spatial awareness and what they can do with something. “I think that’s very, very important for us and for them,” Deano says.

Also, the garden helps the community get access to fresh produce. People in need in the community, can get something healthy to eat. Deano says, “It gives these kids an ability to see that no matter where they are in life, they can still help other people.” 

interesting idea juvenile offenders
Colorful fence posts in front of rows of plant beds and Ruth’s Roots. Judge Elise Deano’s community garden project to help juvenile offenders. Photo by @ruthsroots / Facebook / via

Bringing Value to The Whole Community

In addition to letting the kids grow their own talents and interests, the garden has brightened up the neighborhood. The garden currently has a variety of leafy greens, a chicken coop, a butterfly garden and even a community library. Next, Deano wants to incorporate a greenhouse.

We love how Deano brings her community together with this program. Also, we love that her project increases local access to fresh food, thereby improving the health and wellbeing of the entire community.

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Nice work, Judge Elise Deano!!

juvenile offenders
Judge Deano in front of the garden’s “Yellow Brick Road” created by youth in the program. Photo by Patrick Ochs / SunHerald / via


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