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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Are you trying to make Valentine’s day plans and every restaurant you call is already booked? No need to worry. From Austin to NYC here is our list of great restaurants to plan your V-Day dinner at.

Don’t forget the best part, all of these restaurants are partners of TangoTab.

Cantina Laredo

  • City: Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City
  • Cuisine: Mexican


The Social House

  • City: Dallas
  • Cuisine: American


Clay Pit

  • City: Austin
  • Cuisine: Indian


La Nonna Little Italy

  • City: New York City
  • Cuisine: Italian


Hacienda San Miguel

  • City: Fort Worth
  • Cuisine: Mexican


Grotta Azzurra Wine Bar

  • City: New York City
  • Cuisine: Wine Bar


Now all you are missing is Cupid’s Arrow. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


The TangoTab Team

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