Local Hero Spotlight: Merritt Davis

As TangoTab expands around the country, we are fortunate to meet people who are actively working to end hunger, in their communities. We recently had the pleasure to talk to Merritt Davis, a Billings, Montana resident.

Originally from New Orleans, Davis gained a deeply rooted appreciation for the cultural aspects of food and hearty meals. As an athlete, she has also experienced firsthand the power of food to fuel and to heal. “Food is something near to my heart,” Davis says.

Food played a crucial role in her life. Davis earned her Masters in public health, focusing on community and behavioral health sciences, with particular attention to maternal and childhood health. Therefore, she believes that hunger has a greater impact on the community at large and not just on the individuals, in that community, who are in need.

Davis says, “When we are talking about hunger and food insecurity, we are really talking about interrelated and connected issues, primarily social and economic issues. Malnutrition has immediate effects on people and on communities.” With her background, she feels compelled to help those with unmet food needs.

Now, living in Billings, MT, Davis is currently working alongside community leaders and TangoTab to develop and implement solutions that aid her neighbors, who are struggling with food insecurity in Montana. “I feel like Montana is an excellent place to see such creative implementation of TangoTab,” Davis says.

end hunger locally Montana
Merritt Davis: pictured with her family. Davis, a Billings, MT resident with a focus on public health, works with TangoTab to end hunger locally in her community. 

There are many factors that influence the specific needs of communities around the United States. She explains, “TangoTab empowers individuals, organizations, and businesses with flexible tools that allow for the accommodation of differing factors.”

Davis is optimistic about TangoTab’s collaborative approach to ending hunger, as well as how Montanans are receiving it. Most noteworthy, when describing TangoTab’s approach to feeding those in need, Davis says, “You’re allowing people to have dignity. We all know what it feels like to be hungry, so I think that we need to take the shame out of it.

She remarks, “Montana has amazing local organizations working toward hunger relief, socially responsible restaurants and microbreweries, and community members. TangoTab allows us to address the underlying issues of food insecurity while also addressing the immediate needs of those in need.”

end hunger locally Montana
While Montana’s winters are beautiful, the extreme conditions create a unique set of considerations for those– like Davis– working to help their neighbors with unmet housing and food needs.

Davis hopes to see more and more people joining TangoTab’s mission to end hunger. One aspect of the TangoTab app that Davis loves is that she feels it allows her to increase the value of dollars spent when she dines out. Davis points out that with TangoTab, “You can be grateful for the fact that something as simple as your morning coffee run is translating into consideration and love for your neighbor.”

She concludes, “When you use TangoTab, you’re supporting your local community, your local residents, and your local organizations tackling hunger.

Download TangoTab today.

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