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Local Hero Spotlight: Leanne Shull Making A Difference

We all love to celebrate the work of change makers who make a positive impact on our world. Over the weekend, the Mesquite News featured Leanne Shull, one of our avid TangoTab app users and volunteers, who is making a huge difference in her community.

Leanne Shull with a TangoTab Feed The City volunteer group making a difference in their community.

Shull helps organize Feed The City events every month in Mesquite, TX. She values giving back and participating in efforts that strengthen her local community.

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Shull sees “a lot of good in everybody.” She believes in the importance of showing people in need that there are people nearby who care about their struggles and who work to make a positive difference in their lives.

For Shull, community means “being a part of something greater than yourself and unity.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Leanne Shull (middle) talking with fellow TangoTab app users and Feed The City Mesquite volunteers Tony Wilks (left) and Joanna DeRose (right).

We are grateful for the passionate TangoTab app users and community leaders who have joined us in the mission to end hunger, around the country. You can read Leanne’s full Mesquite News feature here.

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