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Make This Thanksgiving Special For This Mom…

“She is a wonderful person and a very strong person. She is a mother and a wife. Right now she wants to return to work and also work on finishing her degree and only needs a few more classes before she will have her degree.

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and currently unable to work. He was recently hospitalized for over 20 days, but is recovering at this time. He has terminal cancer, so she has had to put her life on hold so that she can care for her husband and also her children. Please, please, please provide a Thanksgiving dinner for them!

They are living such stressful lives right now and would enjoy a nice dinner @ Texas Land and Cattle, which is only about 5 minutes from where they live, so I know that they would be able to make it, even if I need to give them a ride. Thank you so very much for your consideration! May God Bless You!”

Make the holidays a little less stressful for this family by sponsoring them at


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