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MEMPHIS! 10 Restaurants You Should Be Eating At Right Now

There are so many great things to do in Memphis, visit the famous tourist hot spots, make a pilgrimage to Graceland, and then there’s the food. When it comes to food, there are many great options for dining out in Memphis, TN. Now every time you dine out at specific restaurants in Memphis and use the TangoTab app a person in need locally will be fed. Here are some of those restaurants:

Willie Moore’s

Located at 109 N Main St, Memphis, this place is absolutely fantastic. Multiple diverse and delicious entree options, delicious home-style meals and an overall good atmosphere for a family’s day out.

The Brass Door

The Brass Door is located at 152 Madison Avenue. If you’re looking for traditional Irish cooking, you will find it in right here. This is a great place to stop in for a drink or grab something to eat.


Located at 83 Madison Avenue, Eighty3 is not your average eatery. Here you will find some great options for lunch, dinner and even a Hallelujah brunch.

Cafe Keough

At the corner of 12 S Main St, Memphis is Café Keough. This restaurant is well known for its delicious onion soup. But, that’s not all it has to offer. This place has a great European vibe and delicious options on its menu.



Located 52 S 2nd Street, Rendezvous caters to a large crowd, so you’d be better off being early. The restaurant has a great reputation, amazing food and an awesome vibe that makes it one of the local favorites in Memphis.

Bardog Tavern

Bardog Tavern is located at 73 Monroe Avenue, Downtown Memphis. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Rambo steak sandwich here. This restaurant is super cozy but can get crowded very quickly especially during happy hour.

Huey’s Downtown

Located at 77 S 2nd Street, here you will find plenty of options when it comes to gluten free food. The steak on a stick here is really good. Huey’s is a great place to catch the game and get some delicious food.


Bangkok Alley

Smack in the middle of downtown is Bangkok Alley at 121 Union Avenue. This is a really good restaurant well known for its lobster rolls and sushi. Definitely worth a try!

Automatic Slim’s

This restaurant gives off a cool vibe. The next time you’re on 83 S 2nd Street stop by at Automatic Slim’s to enjoy great food and jam out to the tunes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and AC/DC.

Kooky Canuck

Don’t go by the name, this is going to easily become one of your favorite eating destinations in Memphis. This hamburger restaurant is located at 87 S 2nd St. and has so much more to offer than just tasty, yummy burgers.


Oshi Burger Bar

Another burger restaurant which is a Downtown favorite is Oshi Burger Bar located at 94 S Main Street. Their service here is wonderful, with some great veggie friendly options as well.

The next time you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some delicious food with friends, use the TangoTab app ( at these locations to feed yourself and a person in need. That’s the spirit!

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