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5 Articles To Read In Celebration Of National Farmer’s Day

National Farmer’s Day is October 12, and at TangoTab, we understand how farming– both traditional farming and nontraditional farming– plays an important role in the overall health of any given community.

Records of National Farmer’s Day date back to the 1800s. While much has changed in the farming industry since then, the importance of farming practices remains the same.

Access to fresh produce is important for the wellbeing of people, and TangoTab is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture projects that increase access to nutritious food for those in need.

As we continue to grow as a company, resources generated from people using the TangoTab app are not only going to people facing hunger, but also to individuals and groups who are spearheading efforts to utilize farming practices to better their neighborhoods and cities.

Download and use the TangoTab app for free to help us fight hunger in your community and increase access to fresh produce. 

In celebration of farming on National Farmer’s Day, check out these five articles on agriculture projects happening in different communities–

Farm And Tech: A Glimpse At The Future Of Sustainable Agriculture

Some farmers are incorporating technology– like drones– into their farming practices to increase crop yields and decrease environmental costs. This is referred to as “precision farming.” Photo via technologyreview.com. 

DFW Farm Grows Fresh Produce For Area Residents & Restaurants, Employs And Rehabilitates Veterans With PTSD

A DFW community garden is transforming the lives of veterans while also providing area residents and restaurants with fresh produce.

Free Produce Gardens Managed By Volunteers In San Diego Are Transforming Public Spaces 

To make fresh produce easily accessible to passerby, volunteers plant and tend to gardens in public spaces. This produce is growing next to a sidewalk! Photo via Facebook.com/EatSanDiego. 

Middle School Students Run Community Garden, Provide Locals With Free Produce

Middle schoolers harvesting cabbage at their student-run community garden. Photo from newsandsentinel.com.

A High School Opens An Aquaponics Facility To Grow Produce And Prepare Students For Future Success

McIntosh (left), Ag teacher Amanda King (middle), and Dr. McCormick check out herbs growing in the facility. Photo via bannergraphic.com. 

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