Neighborhood Garden Gives Teens Purpose, Produce, and Positivity

Neighborhood Garden Gives Teens Purpose, Produce, and Positivity

A neighborhood garden in Milwaukee is changing the future of the community. At risk teens in the area have new opportunities to thrive thanks to this project.

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Andre Lee Ellis started We Got This to help bring purpose and positivity to the young men in his neighborhood who need it most. And it’s working!

Since Ellis started the neighborhood garden five years ago, many teens in the community now have another place to call home.

neighborhood garden
Roshaun Collins gives back to the neighborhood garden that changed his life by helping get more teens involved.

For instance, Roshaun Collins spent time at the garden in his younger years. Now, he helps get more teens involved. He says, “We are changing lives. Me at my age, I get to touch people’s hearts and change their lifestyle.”

Neighborhood Garden Inspires Achievement

Additionally, one young man, Nathaniel Collins, even credits the neighborhood garden with improved academic marks. Collins says, “I got a 3.7 (GPA) thanks to Mr. Lee Ellis. He put me on the right path.”

neighborhood garden
This young man credits We Got This for helping him improve his grades and change his lifestyle for the better.

Through one neighborhood garden project, teens are learning how to care for their communities and themselves. In addition, they are learning how to nurture a better future.

Ellis remarks, “We also want to teach and train about good healthy food and show how this food can become a revenue stream.”

neighborhood garden
Andre Lee Ellis, founder of We Got This, works to teach at risk teens valuable skills and connect them with community.

With millions of U.S. kids dealing with the impacts of food insecurity and lack of nutrition, projects like We Got This are significant.

Furthermore, these projects provide teens with the learnings and the tools to help make ends meet on their own, when they reach adulthood.

In conclusion, this project is nothing short of inspiring!

At TangoTab, our mission is to end hunger, not just put a band-aid on the issue. Moreover, we celebrate and support efforts that equip people with the tools to eat better, live better, and care for their community better.

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Great job, We Got This!


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