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Our Restaurant Write-ups… A Sampling

Everyone says that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I’ve been poked with a pen before; I’ve never been hit in the head with a keyboard though. I’m willing to wager that it’d probably hurt more than a pen, and less than a sword. But alas, I digress. Here at TangoTab, we pride ourselves on being a little edgy, very fresh & we hate to say this, but yes, people like us. Part of what we offer here at TangoTab is exposing our user base to great places to eat that they may not have tried out otherwise, and one of the ways we do that is by writing pretty clever write-ups that make people want to go check the places out. Here are a few of our write-ups, this is our story…

The perfect place to blow off a little steam and smoke a little Cuban. This ‘casual upscale’ eatery has everything you need to wrap up your work week & kick off your weekend. With a fully stocked cigar & cognac bar and the juiciest steaks you ever stuck a fork into, Cool River will be sure to delight. Live music sets the tone every Thursday through Saturday, and the week-long Happy Hours and drink specials are sure to appeal to even the greenest of young business execs. So loosen up that tie, hike up that skirt and jump on in. The water’s juuuust right.

Bring the wife & pick up the knife. This award-winning steakhouse provides the perfect mix of French class and mouth-watering steaks that would make even the most devout Texan proud. With remarkable entrees & perfect wine pairings, it becomes deliciously obvious why III Forks is consistently at the top of every concierges’ Ace in the Hole list. Five-stars, 3 Forks, and one unforgettable epicurean experience.

Remember your last trip to Mexico? Yeah, neither do I. Pretty sure there was food involved at some point though, and it was probably delicious. If you want to re-live the Mexican taste experience (without the hangover), dip on into Cantina Laredo for some of the best tasting, authentic Mexican dishes this side of the Rio Grande. This isn’t Sancho’s Taco Stand either, with menu items including a bunch of things I don’t know how to translate & their new Mango Tres Leches Cake, you and your amigos shall be pleasantly satisfied.

This place is legit, or legit-o as they say in Brazil. (Yes, that is how they say that there. I promise.) This Brazilian style Steakhouse pleases with mouthwatering, succulent carvings of the finest cuts of meat paraded straight to your table until you say “No mas!”  Your palate & party are sure to be impressed. Definitely Date-Worthy.

  • Adriatic

Talk about the perfect summer time patio. This gorgeous & comfortable hidden gem serves up some of the best Mediterranean cuisine this side of the Parthenon. White table-cloths grace your table as bread & virgin olive oil are brought to your table so you can begin to catch up with friends over a bottle of wine.  Swing on over to this family run resto in Andersonville if you seek a unique Greek treat!

This cozy Uptown Pizzeria is a sure win no matter if you’re swinging by for lunch, brunch, Happy Hour or dinner. With one of the most knowledgeable wait staffs in the industry, you will be guided through their delicious menu of hearty meals & divine desserts while you soak up the ambiance. Their patio is unrivaled and on the weekends you can build your own Bloody Mary’s from scratch or enjoy Mimosas by the carafe.  A TangoTab favorite!


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