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Seinfeld and Rocky…Don’t Get Them Confused

It’s hard to confuse Jerry Seinfeld and Sylvester Stallone, but what we don’t want you to confuse is the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld and the SoupMan that blasts the Rocky theme music everyday driving through the streets of Dallas.  Come on, you know the Soup Nazi…


That is possibly one of the most famous scenes in sitcom history  and it shows exactly what the SoupMan is NOT. Instead of saying “No soup for you,” the SoupMan says, “Soup for all.” Monday through Friday of every week the SoupMan blasts the theme from the movie Rocky, which is a notification to the homeless that it is lunch time.

Get this…the SoupMan through his SoupMobile in 2011 gave out over 200,000 meals. That is equivalent of feeding around 200 people, three meals a day, for an entire year. Personally I have had the opportunity to meet the SoupMan and his team, these people are unreal. These are the types of people that are making a stand in the Fight Against Hunger. The entire TangoTab team is excited that we are getting to work with a group of people like this. On April 18th the TangoTab team will be going down to help load up The SoupMobile and stand beside the SoupMan and feed the hungry.

SoupMobile team, keep doing what you are doing. You are a true inspiration to us all  and you are making a difference.

As for the SoupNazi…


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