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Shove Bob Armstrong’s Dip In Your Mouth


Humans are stupid. It’s cool, we get it. Despite this accepted reality, man is capable of remarkable innovation. The wheel, rubber, interchangeable parts, nuclear power, the internet, and so on. But what does our generation have to offer? That, my friends, is a question to be answered at Mattito’s Mexican Restaurant & Cocina.

From Mattito’s kitchen to our watering mouths comes the famous Bob Armstrong Dip. You may actually consider the calorie-crammed queso dish to be infamous if you’re not careful. This ideal combination of beef, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream has built quite the local reputation. Despite not even being listed in the restaurant’s menu, the Bob Armstrong Dip is Mattito’s most popular dish. Why? As soon as that first bite kicks you in the mouth with a foot full of flavor, you’ll know.

This would be a mediocre review if we failed to mention the Bob Armstrong Queso Eating Contest. As cliché as it may be, we really do like everything bigger here in Texas. Even if we aren’t so big ourselves. Back in 2010 a petite woman named Teresa Pullen claimed the queso crown when she chowed down more than 2 pounds of Bob Armstrong Dip. It has not been confirmed whether or not a terrible stomach ache accompanied her crowning.

While Mattito’s Bob Armstrong Dip obviously isn’t as impactful as the wheel or internet, its presence has definitely been felt here in Dallas; especially by those who guzzle it down by the pound. Do yourself a solid and get into Mattito’s ASAP.

Mexican food moderation is important. Please dine responsibly. 

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