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Social House Success Story

Social House started with TangoTab at their Addison, Texas location to promote the addition of lunch service at the popular restaurant. Pleased as punch with the results, they signed up a second location when they opened in the hip Social House Uptown area of Dallas. When they expanded a third time with a location in Fort Worth, Social House used TangoTab to get the word out to passionate users.

Why does TangoTab work so well for Social House?

We strike it up to teamwork. With their expertise as restaurateurs, our marketing knowledge and the loyal, socially conscious TangoTab users, we were able to create a win/win/win.
Social House is a fantastic success story and a real local hero. Created by Chef Brian Olenjack of renowned Reatta and Olenjack’s Grille, the menu focuses on southern and Texas flavors with shrimp and grits, Buffalo calamari and Guinness-braised short ribs popular favorites.

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