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Do Your Dining Habits Stack Up To The National Average?

90% of Americans report enjoying eating out at restaurants, versus 66% who enjoy going to the grocery store. (Source)

Help end hunger in your community when you dine out with the TangoTab app.

A group dines at one of Chicago partner restaurants, Antique Taco. @antiquetaco / Instagram / via

45% of adults report not eating out at restaurants as much as they would like to. (Source)

Great news for all of you who like to dine out! When you check-in on the TangoTab app at our partner restaurants, we’ll donate a meal to someone in need. With the app, you can explore new restaurants and have fun eating out while helping improve your community.

Pet-friendly restaurants are on the rise, with the following cities having the most pet-friendly restaurants:

New York City (456 pet-friendly restaurants), Chicago (380 pet-friendly restaurants), San Diego (328 pet-friendly restaurants), and Austin (317 pet-friendly restaurants). (Source)

You and your dog can team up to end hunger locally when you dine out and check-in on the TangoTap app.

Dogs enjoying brunch at one of our San Diego partner restaurants, The Patio on Goldfinch. @thepatioongoldfinch / Instagram / via

The average millennial (ages 18-36) in the U.S. either dines out or gets takeout an average of five times per week. (Source)

Burgers and ice cream at one of our Austin partner restaurants, Burger Bar. @awalkstomp / Instagram / via

Whether you’re dining out or picking up takeout, be sure to check-in on the TangoTab app to help someone in need near you. It doesn’t cost you a penny more.

51% of younger millennials (ages 21-26) report going to a bar at least once a week. (Source)

San Francisco diners at partner E&O Kitchen and Bar. @eandosf / Instagram / via

25% of American consumers like trying unconventional ingredients at restaurants. (Source)

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1/4 of U.S. diners enjoy trying unconventional ingredients at restaurants. Pictured: Watermelon pizza topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes and a basil hemp seed milk emulsion at one of our NYC partner restaurants, Chalk Point Kitchen. @chalkpointnyc / Instagram / via

On average, diners tip more during Sunday morning brunches and lunches than they do on any other day or time of the week.

Research shows that the average tip is typically between 16-18%, but on Sunday mornings between 10 a.m. and noon, the average tip is 20%. (Source)

Give back even more on Sunday mornings– at no extra cost to you– with the TangoTab app!

Berry yogurt parfait and a mimosa at Oklahoma City partner Flint. @flintokc / Instagram / via

The U.S. city with the highest reported tipping average is Boston, Massachusetts. (Source)

Dinner is served at Boston partner restaurant The Tip Tap Room. Pictured: peppercorn crusted bavette steak, maple butter, rosemary chimichurri, & hand cut yukon fries. @bpoelite / Instagram / via

28% of millennials report that it is important to them that the restaurants they visit are socially responsible. (Source)

With the TangoTab app, every dining experience at our partner restaurants is an opportunity for us to give back together. Every check-in on the app counts because every check-in directly translates to a person in need locally having a meal to eat.

Let’s end hunger in our communities together!

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