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Who You’re Helping When You TangoTab It

Feeding America, one of TangoTab’s food organization partners, shares stories of families who struggle to make ends meet and who find assistance– as well as hope– through local food pantries.

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We chose three stories that illustrate the struggles and needs of regular Americans across the country.

Gaby and her husband both lost their jobs, and with three kids to take care of, they find themselves in need of assistance. Gaby says, “No one ever thinks that this is going to happen to them… but when you do find yourself in this situation, it’s so nice to know that there are people out here to help us.”

Like so many families struggling with food insecurity, Gaby and her husband have to constantly make difficult decisions about how to spend their limited funds. She says, “We have to make really tough decisions. Do we buy a pack of diapers or do we put $20.00 on the light bill?”

The size of her family means that food stamp assistance can’t cover everyone’s food needs for a full month, and so they turn to local food pantries for support. She hopes that things will improve and says, “We’re just going through a hard time. I want my kids’ lives to be better than what mine was. I want them to have the world.”

Help people like Gaby and her family

Priscilla is one of many Americans who shares similar circumstances. As a navy veteran who has two young daughters, she can only work on a part-time basis. Since one of her daughters isn’t old enough to go to school full-time, Priscilla has to watch her daughter the rest of the day.

Priscilla says, “I really want to work full-time, but I can’t afford to pay for full-time childcare.”

She goes on to say, “As a veteran, I feel disappointed in myself that I have to seek help. I’m honestly just seeking help, not a free ride for the rest of my life, just help.”

Help veterans like Priscilla.

Derek works security for the St. Louis transit system, and as a single dad of three kids, he finds himself in situations where he sometimes has to choose between bills and food.

He says, “Even though you’re working, you always come up short some kind of way.” With his kids in mind, Derek relies on food pantries to help him make ends meet when necessary.

He is so thankful and hopes that his kids will have a better future because of the pantries. “To the people who do make the pantries possible– thank God for you,” he says.

Help single parents like Derek make ends meet.

There are many stories all around us of people dealing with hunger. It doesn’t just impact the homeless. Approximately 1 out of every 6 Americans is struggling with food insecurity.

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At TangoTab, our mission is to solve hunger in the U.S. by providing the cost equivalent of a meal to organizations that feed those in need whenever someone checks-in on our free app at one of our 100,000 partner restaurants around the country. 

Help TangoTab end hunger.

Do you know of other stories that illustrate the issue of food insecurity that you think we should feature? Email us at friends@tangotab.com, or message us through our Facebook page.

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