Student Philanthropy: SMU Student Inspires Peers To Give Back

SMU Sophomore Inspires Student Philanthropy

Meet Amit Banerjee, a passionate community advocate and a college sophomore who is inspiring SMU student philanthropy every time he gets the chance. 

smu tangotab student philanthropy
Amit Banerjee (far right) at a TangoTab Feed The City event. Photo by @brandedbyamit via

Banerjee says, “I’m really big on finding volunteering events and getting my friends involved  with philanthropy. I like to bring them to events that are fun but also leave them with a sense of purpose. I like to share with them events that show you can give back and have a good time.”

Originally from Frisco, Texas, Banerjee first heard about TangoTab as a high school senior.

Immediately, Banerjee thought, “This is the coolest thing ever, and I want to be involved.” 

And he certainly did get involved! To start, Banerjee began attending the Plano Feed The City events regularly.

Then, once he started school at SMU, he began volunteering at Dallas Feed The City events.

Now, he attends every single event that he can. And he always encourages his SMU peers to come, too.

Since he first heard about TangoTab, Banerjee has become a regular at Feed The City events. Last year, he even worked with TangoTab to create a Feed The City event on SMU’s campus.

With just a handful of students, the group made over 1,000 meals for those in need!

smu tangotab feed the city student philanthropy
SMU students celebrating their inaugural on-campus Feed The City event last year. Photo by @brandedbyamit via

Banerjee especially connected with the issue of food insecurity when he learned about TangoTab’s work to end hunger locally.

Reflecting on this, Banerjee says, “Hunger in the U.S. isn’t something that’s talked a lot about. I would never have thought that a significant percentage of people in Frisco, my hometown, is struggling to have three square meals per day prior to hearing about TangoTab.”


Inspiring His Peers To Give Back

In high school, Banerjee started a nonprofit organization called Philanthropy Kids. His nonprofit promotes and celebrates kids who give back, and serves as one example of how he inspires student philanthropy.

He says, “Philanthropy is a part of my life. I was raised in a household that values giving. I know that there are people with fewer means than I have.” 

As a result of growing Philanthropy Kids, Banerjee understands a variety of issues. Furthermore, he knows that young people are perfectly capable of making an impact.

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Introducing Others To Student Philanthropy

As a college student, Banerjee loves involving his peers in giving back through introducing them to TangoTab.

This year, he serves as Vice President of his residence hall. In his role as Vice President, he incorporates service components into group events. In addition, keeps the value of giving a focal point.

He says, “Everyone loves Feed The City, where it’s fun, easy going, and you have that feeling of immediate impact. The meals go directly to those in need.

Furthermore, comments Banerjee, “For someone who might not be super into volunteering, the TangoTab app and Feed The City events are easy to connect people too.

In conclusion, he adds, “I love telling people about the app, and I love using the app. I use the app all the time. TangoTab is an effective way to ending hunger.”


Big thanks to Amit Banerjee for working with us to end hunger, and for inspiring his peers to give back, too!

smu student philanthropy tangotab
A group of SMU students at a past Feed The City event. Photo by @brandedbyamit via
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