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Why is Everyone Talking TangoTab?

TangoTab; two words coming together that are creating a movement across the country. Soon, people all over will include these words in their plans for lunch, date night, or when they want to try something new. It will become a lifestyle, a community, the way to end hunger in the world.

First, Why Hunger?

TangoTab: Children Eating

Hunger is a local, nationwide, and global issue. Many people assume only the homeless or those who live in extreme poverty suffer from hunger. However, hunger does not discriminate and can affect anyone. Your child’s friend, a person you work with, or a server at a restaurant might suffer from hunger or food insecurity. With over 1 billion meals dined out every year and millions of people combating this issue, TangoTab knew there had to be a way to connect the two.

TangoTab: Where You May Have Heard About It

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It has been talked about on the news, on iHeart radio stations, and through social media. Travis Frederick from the Dallas Cowboys, Dwight Howard from the Houston Rockets, NHL Hall of Famer Mike Modano, NFL great LaDainian Tomlinson, six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens, and Kellie Rasberry from Kidd Nation and Dish Nation all show support for TangoTab. Maybe it was at a Feed the City event, where hundreds of volunteers make sandwiches for food charities every month. Or maybe it was when they broke a Guinness World Record in 2014 for the most people making sandwiches simultaneously. No matter how you heard about it, or if you are just now learning about it, there are big plans for the future that will make TangoTab recognized nationally and globally.

TangoTab: Making Your Meals Matter


People Dining

What if you could make a positive contribution to your community simply by dining out? TangoTab has a free and easy solution for you. Restaurants near you are joining this movement to make a difference in your community, and maybe even save you some money on your meal. Every time you check in or redeem an offer with the app, a meal is donated to a local food bank at no extra cost to you.

To find a participating restaurant, all you need to do is download the app. You can discover many ways to make your meal matter and end hunger!


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