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TangoTab Honored As A Rising Startup Winner By Techweek Inc.

We are excited to announce that TangoTab has been recognized by Techweek Inc. as a winner in the Rising Startup category for the upcoming Dallas Techweek100!

The Rising Startup category honors organizations that are experiencing rapid growth through innovation. To date, TangoTab has donated over 2.1 million meals to those in need because of our dedicated app users checking-in at partner restaurants and coffeeshops.

For those new to TangoTab, every time someone checks-in on our app when they dine out, TangoTab donates the equivalent cost of a meal to partner organizations who then distribute food to people in need.


The app is free to use and download, and as TangoTab continues to grow, we are also supporting community and entrepreneurial projects that increase public access to fresh produce in local neighborhoods

Thank you so much to all of the people in the TangoTab community who have joined our fight against hunger, and who rally with us regularly to end it altogether!

We are happy to be recognized by Techweek Inc., and even happier to recognize the people who are the active parts of our mission who come together to end hunger.

You guys are all amazing!

Download the app to help fight hunger in your community, and be sure to invite your family and friends to join the movement, too!


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