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Tex-Mex Can Help Solve Hunger in My Community?

Yes, you and tex-mex can help end hunger in your community. It may seem like a weird concept, but Posados and TangoTab have partnered together to make this happen.

Tex-Mex With A Mission

Giving back and helping a neighbor out has never been so easy. If you have never been to Posados before, they have multiple locations to enjoy homemade Mexican dishes, ice-cold drinks, and hot (free) sopapillas. This family-oriented establishment is honored to have served Dallas-Fort Worth communities for over 28 years, and they want to do more to make them a great place to call home.

Throughout the day and week, Posados gives TangoTab users offers they can redeem on the app for free. Offers include “Buy One, Get One Free”, “$10 off $25”, and “$10 off $30” and at the Frisco location, “$1.99 margaritas”. With every offer redeemed, a meal will be donated to a local food charity. You can feel even better while enjoying a meal with your family, ladies/guys night out, or during your lunch break because you are making a difference.

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Photo Credit: Posados

They have an extensive menu, so choosing what to eat may be a difficult decision. For an appetizer, try their Jalepeno Diablos.  This spicy start to your meal includes jalapenos dipped in batter, fried to perfection, served with guacamole and other dipping sauces. For the main course, they have everything from traditional tex-mex combinations to sizzling fajitas to char-grilled quail. You can’t forget about dessert, and what makes it even better is that they serve free sopapillas and ice cream!

It’s Not Too Good to Be True

Many people have already joined this mission and love the app and dining experience. Stephanie M. shares why TangoTab is a great addition to her dining routine:

“My family eats out way more than we probably should, so we are always looking for discounts and coupons. TangoTab seems too good to be true. We get $10 off our purchase every time we dine at Posado’s (which is a lot). The waiters and managers are very knowledgeable about TangoTab & apply my discount without any trouble. I have literally saved hundreds of dollars by dining at Posado’s using TangoTab. I love knowing that I’m helping someone in need and saving money at the same time.”

Join Stephanie and thousands of others and start making your meals matter today.




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