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Thanksgiving Resolution: Something New To Try This Year

We’re all familiar with New Year’s resolutions, but have you ever thought about having a Thanksgiving resolution?

tangotab thanksgiving resolution

During the holiday season, we are reminded of many ways that we can give back and help others.

So with the spirit of giving fresh on our minds, why not make a decision to help better our communities year round? 

The truth is that there are millions of people around the U.S. who are in need whether it’s the holiday season or not. Furthermore, we all benefit from working together to help improve our communities.

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The Ability To Help Others Isn’t Limited To A Few Months Per Year: Cue The Thanksgiving Resolution In Action

At TangoTab, we empower individuals to easily be a part of bettering their communities 365 days a year.

With the TangoTab app, going out to eat doubles as an opportunity to give back and combat food insecurity in your local area.

This makes having a Thanksgiving Resolution to give back regularly easier than ever! 

Whether at our partner coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, or bars, each time a person checks-in on the app, someone else in need gets fed.

When a check-in occurs, TangoTab donates the cost equivalent of a meal to organizations that feed people in need in the same area where the check-in takes place.

It’s truly a win-win situation because our app users don’t pay anything extra to make feeding those in need a regular part of their own dining activities!

We take care of the cost in collaboration with the restaurants that we work with. This is one of many ways that TangoTab brings together community members to unite against hunger.

Download and use the TangoTab app for free!

How many times can you help feed someone in need in the next year?

Roughly how many times will you dine out or go get coffee between now and next Thanksgiving?

How many meals can your dining habits then provide to those in need with a simple check-in on an app?

Make it your Thanksgiving resolution to incorporate the spirit of giving into your routine!

Our community of app users has already fed over 2,200,000 people. Just imagine how many more people we can feed together in the next year…

Who You Help When You #TangoTabIt

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Looking for more opportunities to help end hunger with us? Check out our volunteer events here.

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