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The Epic TangoTab Launch Party

So our launch party last week was, in the words of my good friend Borat, “VERYNICE!” and he continued to state that it was a “GREAT SUCCESS!”  It was the Launch Party of all Launch Parties. Parties will be thrown in honor of this Launch Party for years to come. Hundreds of friends and supporters came out to Tango the evening away with us at Sfuzzi last Monday & we can’t thank you guys enough. DeeJay Tekneek killed it with an awesome custom set he put together for us, the management team at Sfuzzi was more than accommodating and the wait staff ended up being extremely patient when we flooded the patio with our crowd. Beads were given out, shirts with our logo on them were floating around everywhere, unlimited shots…. which ended up not being as dangerous as I thought it was going to be. (Thank you Dr. Pepper for helping me pace myself). We had the red carpet set up and a couple of photographers working through the crowd capturing pictures of every ones beaming faces. You can check those out on our Facebook page here. A couple of pro athletes were there, I’m no name-dropper but *cough* Marion Barber was there from the Dallas Cowboys as well, he was pretty excited to get to hang out with the TangoTab crew, no big deal. And in case you’re wondering what a TangoShot is, since our friends at Ketel One were gracious enough to sponsor our party and provide us with unlimited Ketel One Oranje Vodka, I reckon I can return the favor by putting their shot recipe up here:

  • 1 Giant cup of Ketel One Oranje
  • 1 Cranberry juice chaser

Yeah, it ended up being a fun night. Anyhow, long story short: thanks again, love y’all, download the app, register on our website, tell your friends how your life has become so much more infinitely better because TangoTab came into your life, and how it has helped you win friends, influence people & finally get that big raise you’ve been waiting on. Take it easy. Till next time… keep on TangoTab-ing.

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