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The Fantastic Four

In comic book land, the Fantastic Four (FF) are 4 Souper Heroes saving the planet from the bad guys! Dallas has its own version of the Fantastic Four (FF) and they are 4 Souper Heroes on a mission to end hunger in America.

Who are the Fantastic Four of Dallas, Texas??? FF#1 is Travis Frederick – Center for the Dallas Cowboys. His Foundation feeds hungry children. Notably, he has also played a key role in the resurgence of the Cowboys. FF#2 is Andre Angel – Founder of TangoTab. In addition to being a master entrepreneur, his company is laser-like focused on ending hunger. FF#3 is Nick Marino – TangoTab’s Marketing Director. He is often referred to as the Energizer Bunny. In his quest to feed the hungry he keeps ‘going & going.’ FF#4 is Harvor Davis – SoupMobile’s Warehouse Manager. He leads a team at the SoupMobile that serves more than 250,000 meals a year to the homeless in Dallas, Texas.

These four men are on a mission from God to feed the hungry & homeless. Each of these men is highly successful in their own field and their common denominator is their ‘servants hearts.’

50 Million People go to bed hungry every night in America and these four men are doing something about it! They are making Dallas proud! If you agree, join me in saying ‘Thank You’ to the Fantastic Four of Dallas, Texas! May the Lord bless and keep them all.

David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan.

Author: David Timothy

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