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The War at Home: Veterans and Hunger

November 11th is one day out of every year that we set aside to honor and thank the people who have served our country. Ceremonies are held, restaurants offer free or discounted meals, and stores promote sales revolving around the holiday. If we see or know a veteran, we say thank you in person or through a social media post. These are all great things; they deserve every good gesture that comes their way. However, for the rest of the year, many are still fighting for their life.

Many veterans face food insecurity on a daily basis. According to the Warrior Food Project, “Nearly 1.5 million Veterans are at risk of homelessness and going hungry” and “More than 130,000 Veterans go hungry and without a meal on any given night”.

No one should go to bed hungry with all of the resources we have in our country. We need to raise awareness of how many people are affected by this and take action together so we can end this once and for all. TangoTab’s mission is to end hunger. If you, your friends, and family make it a habit to use the (free) app when dining out, we can reach our goal of feeding at least 1.5 million people by year end.

Don’t wait for Veteran’s Day to take the time to thank them. And don’t wait for a certain day to feed someone in need. Start today and make a difference today and everyday, no matter how big or small, because you never know how long someone has been fighting for their life after they have fought for ours.

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