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Why Take Action?

Growing up in a middle class family, I can say now that I was oblivious to the struggles of others.  As I read the latest Gallup Poll, it reminds me of how fortunate I have been.  To think that over 1 in 5 people in Oklahoma or Texas, for example, have struggled to afford food in 2012 is incomprehensible.


At TangoTab, we love and celebrate dining out.  It’s a great excuse to be with friends and family and try wonderful new food and drink, or the comfort of the old and familiar.  We want people to know they have can have an impact on an important, and often overlooked cause, just by dining out.

September is Hunger Action Month.  If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a fan of TangoTab and we thank you.  Take action: find a friend, or several, and tell them about the Fight against Hunger and TangoTab and ask them to sign-up and try the service.  If you can feed a child, your network can feed a village.

Mike Yonker, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development

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